In 2006, four dedicated community activists
identified a gap in services for homeless individuals on Sunday afternoons, when area providers have closed their doors in downtown Long Beach. A grassroots effort at the First Congregational Church began with meal distribution, providing restroom access and a safe place for our clients to rest, relax in a safe place off the stress. This was called the Drop-in-Center (DIC) and proved a successful pilot project. Urban Community Outreach was then created and incorporated as a nonprofit, nonsectarian, 501(c)(3) organization, committed to fostering the development of this vital community program.

UCO’s DIC quickly began serving as an information and referral source for other homeless providers and area stakeholders trying to improve the well-being of Long Beach community members. Since its inception DIC has maintained a vision to serve homeless people and the destitute through the provision of temporary refuge and food, and by empowering those with a desire to stabilize and improve their lives.